PI2YSSZutphen430.0125 MHz431.6125 MHz77.0 Hz335642
PI2GORGorinchem430.0125 MHz431.6125 MHz88.5 Hz
PI2BOZBergen op Zoom430.0250 MHz431.6250 MHz88.5 Hz430025
PI2HVNHeerenveen430.0250 MHz431.6250 MHz82.5 Hz607585
PI2ZAZAssendelft430.0375 MHz431.6375 MHz88.5 Hz
PI2ANHArnhem430.0500 MHz431.6500 MHz77.0 Hz
PI2NWKNoordwijk430.0500 MHz431.6500 MHzUNKNOWN
PI2ASNAssen430.0500 MHz431.6500 MHz
PI2JUTLaag-Soeren430.0625 MHz431.6625 MHz
PI2NENNuenen430.0625 MHz431.6625 MHz71.9 Hz
PI2ZSTZeist430.0750 MHz431.6750 MHz
PI2ZLDGoes430.0750 MHz431.6750 MHz88.5 Hz
PI2MEPMeppel430.0750 MHz431.6750 MHz
PI2GAYKerkrade430.0750 MHz431.6750 MHz71.9 Hz799049
PI2DFTDelft430.0875 MHz431.6875 MHz88.5 Hz
PI2EHVEindhoven430.1000 MHz431.7000 MHz71.9 Hz
PI2NOSLandelijk430.1250 MHz431.7250 MHz430125
PI2APDApeldoorn430.1500 MHz431.7500 MHz
PI2RAZZoetermeer430.1500 MHz431.7500 MHz88.5 Hz
PI2SHBDen Bosch430.1750 MHz431.7750 MHz71.9 Hz579353
PI2KMPKampen430.1750 MHz431.7750 MHz77.0 Hz30175
PI2NLBGennep430.2000 MHz431.8000 MHz71.9 Hz775047
PI2ASDAmsterdam430.2000 MHz431.8000 MHz110.9 Hz430200
PI2TWEEnschede430.2250 MHz431.8250 MHz
PI2SWKGouda430.2250 MHz431.8250 MHz88.5 Hz669316
PI2GROGroningen430.2375 MHz431.8375 MHz82.5 Hz
PI2HLMHaarlem430.2500 MHz431.8500 MHz88.5 Hz
PI2AMFAmersfoort430.2500 MHz431.8500 MHz77.0 Hz
PI2RDHDen Helder430.2625 MHz431.8625 MHz
PI2NONGR, FR, DR, OV430.2750 MHz431.8750 MHzCoVersity
PI2FLDAlmere430.2875 MHz431.8875 MHzQRX
PI2RTDRotterdam430.3000 MHz431.9000 MHz88.5 Hz
PI2NMGNijmegen430.3125 MHz431.9125 MHz77.0 Hz
PI2NOGDelfzijl430.3250 MHz431.9250 MHz82.5 Hz
PI2VLIVlissingen430.3375 MHz431.9375 MHz88.5 Hz
PI2HGLDen Haag430.3500 MHz431.9500 MHz88.5 Hz
PI2VNRVenray430.3500 MHz431.9500 MHz71.9 Hz
PI2RMDMelick430.3625 MHz431.9625 MHz
PI2DECDordrecht430.3625 MHz431.9625 MHz88.5 Hz
PI2DEVDeventer430.3625 MHz431.9625 MHz
PI2ALKAlkmaar430.3750 MHz431.9750 MHz88.5 Hz
PI2RKWOisterwijk438.1250 MHz430.5250 MHz
{jd_file file==1734} 


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