Welcome to the website of DB-Communications



   I am working on the website, it could be possible that the template  and contents are change a view times.   



This website is completely based on 2-Way Communications, Telecom and HAM-Radio equipment.

For instance: walkie-talkies, mobile radios, transmitters and receivers etc.

Programming software, user manuals, service manuals and electrical diagram/schematics.

Soon a new section for the Ham-Radio transmitting and listening amateur will be added. 




At the moment we are working on the following items:

  • Options and graphic changes "Download sections"
  • New structure "Communication programs"
  • Login and registration forms
  • New HAM Radio section with many radio and listener programs (from very old to current)



Of course we try to update the lists that are available as best we can.

Unfortunately time is an important factor. Should you not find something (yet), please leave a message in the temporarily available contact form.

I will try to respond to this as soon as possible and see if we can find a solution.